Life Foundation is a 'Kingdom of God Ministry'. Life Foundation is a vehicle through which FINANCES can be channeled, and safely into credible Christian Ministries, and other Community, Social and Health needs.

We say "safely" because Life Foundation is a legal Registered Trust, whose operations are controlled by the Trust Deed.

We Finance and Fund projects approved by our Trustees. As such, our first priority is to finance and support Godly Ministries. This includes support for Christian Projects, that are in submission to the Lord.

This support will extend (as resources permit) to a wider range of social needs and community upliftment. This includes sending you a minister to speak to your Pastor and elders and/or congregation. (FREE - no charge or expenses incurred)


That the Christian Church will become more financially independent, and hence more effective in its Biblical responsibilities...

Please note that financial support will not be offered to "Religious" or "Institutionalised" churches.


Life Foundation is a fully legal and formally Registered Trust.

The Trust is Registered in South Africa, Trust No. 8447/01. In order to add credibility to the Trust and its operations, and to protect the Trust, please note that TRUSTEES are not BENEFICIARIES of the Trust.

Furthermore, The Trust is fully Audited every 2 years, even though this is NOT a legal requirement.

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