• Request for Funding

All requests to Life Foundation for financial support must be justified on merit of its case. If any type or form of Ministry, it must at least be a ' Christian Ministry'. This must be further qualified by its proof that they preach and/or teach on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Ministry must not be a 'Religious' Church or an 'Institutionalised' church. If not a REQUEST from a Ministry, or other Christian project, then it must be for community, social upliftment or health needs.

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  • Bank details for giving - Tithes, offerings or donations.

Life Foundation accepts financial support from many sources. God bless and provide you with your reward for sowing. If you do not have, or do not attend a regular church, you are welcome to tithe or give offerings here.

If you feel you are wasting your money by giving to your current 'Religious Institutions' you are welcome to give here. If you feel you want to participate in supporting good Christian Ministries or projects, or godly men in ministry, you are welcome to give here.

If you want to participate in community and social upliftment, and healthcare, you are welcome to give here.


Life Foundation
Midrand Branch
Midrand, South Africa

Branch Code : 168 642
Account No : 1686 083262

Alternatively contact us for more information on the following:

telephone: +27 11 468 2498
mobile: +27 82 442 4599

Thank you for supporting this Kingdom of God Ministry.